Case Study: Descartes Labs

A New Mexico born technology-transfer from Los Alamos National Labs, Descartes Labs was founded in Los Alamos in 2015. This revolutionary company has developed Artificial Intelligence technology that analyzes petabytes of data from thousands of global satellites. Descartes has successfully used the technology to predict crop yields around the world. This unique capability has profound implications in moving global markets, providing predictive analytics for insurers, preventing famines, and tracking climate change. Their technology also has potential applications for defense and intelligence agencies, as well as a myriad of other corporate uses.

Economic Development Toolbox

“Descartes’s forecasts have also seemed to drive the national maize market. When it announced that the corn harvest would trail the USDA’s estimate last August, it moved the market by three percent.”

“Staying headquartered here gives our growing team access to all of the art, beauty, and culture that the City of Santa Fe has to offer.

 – Mark Johnson, CEO of Descartes Labs, on JTIP

Thanks to JTIP , New Mexico is ranked 5th in Workforce Training Leaders. (Business Facilities' 12th Annual State Rankings Report, 2016)

Kiplinger ranks New Mexico the 8th Most Tax-Friendly State.


Mark Johnson, the co-founder and CEO of Descartes Labs is a strong advocate for New Mexico as a great place to live, work and run a business. Mark is a figure in the tech startup scene in Silicon Valley and the Bay Area. Never expecting to stay in New Mexico, Mark quickly fell in love with the Land of Enchantment and decided to base Descartes Labs in Santa Fe and make New Mexico his home.

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