Case Study: Resilient Solutions LLC (RS21)

This data science company is the fastest growing business in New Mexico.  Founded in 2015, RS21 develops data analytics and visualization tools for businesses and government entities.   The company has experienced revenue growth of 5,422% between 2015 and 2017, and recently opened an office in Washington, D.C.

About the Company

In New Mexico

RS21 announced a major expansion in September 2018 to keep up with the company’s incredible growth.  The $2 million expansion will take place at the company’s headquarters in the Occidental Building in Downtown ABQ.  RS21 offers its employees a generous monthly housing stipend if they choose to live in the neighborhood.  The expansion will create 80 new jobs and RS21 is already hiring.

Economic Development Toolbox:

Imagine first responders being able to click on a button to see a 3-D map of their town with accurate predictive models of how flooding from a hurricane or swamped rivers would flow into streets.  And then, with another simple click, calling up socioeconomic demographics that show which of the most vulnerable areas are likely to have residents in need of assistance because they might be elderly or poor, with few resources or capabilities to evacuate on their own.”  RS21

We made big data visual.  It helps people to look at problems before they become one.” Charles Rath, Founder