Case Study: SolAero

SolAero is a homegrown company started in 1997 with technology from Sandia National Laboratories.  In 2017, SolAero Technologies moved manufacturing operations from California to Albuquerque with the help of JTIP. It is the parent company of Alliance Spacesystems and one of the world’s leading manufacturers of highly efficient radiation hard solar cells, Coverglass Interconnectied Cells (CICs), and solar panels for space applications.  In 1998 the company developed and commercialized a 23% efficient dual-junction solar cell in 12 months.  In SolAero’s first three years it drove the displacement of silicon solar cells as the primary source of space power after it had been in continuous use since 1958.  SolAero currently manufactures 300,000 flight solar cells annually.  SolAero products currently power more than 320 satellites in orbit.  Approximately 1,000 more satellites are scheduled to launch in the next few years.

This expansion project is a result of a contract with OneWeb Satellites, which will be a constellation of low earth orbit (LEO) satellites.  The constellation will be a global gateway to affordable internet access worldwide. 

SolAero has facilities located in Los Alamitos and San Diego, California, and Albuquerque.

About the Albuquerque Facility

About the Expansion

Economic Development Toolbox

“Without powerful incentives like LEDA and JTIP , and a multitude of strong tax incentives , an expansion of this scale would not be possible.” Dr. Brad Clevenger, CEO

New Mexico is first in Non-industry Investment in Research & Development. (2014 State New Economy Index)

9th in High Tech Jobs (2014 State New Economy Index)

Thanks to JTIP, New Mexico is ranked 5th in Workforce Training Leaders. (Business Facilities’ 12th Annual State Rankings Report, 2016)