Boards and Commissions

wdt_ID Appointee Region
1 Skye Devore Bernalillo
2 Merilee Dannemann Bernalillo
3 Linda Renee Dodge-Micelli Guadalupe
4 Gail Tarson Doña Ana
5 Joseph Sanchez Clovis
6 Arianna Parsons Doña Ana
7 Jacquelena McHorse Taos

Sustainable Economy Task Force (SETF)

wdt_ID Appointee Department
1 Lucinda Sydow Taxation and Revenue Dept
2 Steven Moise/Charlie Wollman New Mexico State Investment Council
3 Elaine Perea Public Education Department
4 Leonardo Leo Delgado Department of Finance Admin
5 Thom (Tom) Cole/ John Garcia General Services Dept
6 Dr. Anna Linden Weller/ Alyssa Latuchie NM Department of Energy, Minerals and natural Resources
7 Yolanda Cordova Department of workforce Solutions
8 Justin Garoutte NM Environment Dept
9 Steve Vierck Public Lands
10 Lynn Trujillo/ Melanie Richie Indian Affairs Dept

Advisory Board to the Sustainable Economy Task Force

wdt_ID Appointee Position Organization
1 Mark Roper, ED Division Director Board Chair NM Economic Development Department,
2 Marc Duske, College and Career Readiness Proxy for Secretary Public Education Department
3 Ricky Serna, Deputy Cabinet Secretary Acting Secretary Department of Workforce Solutions
4 Monica Sandoval-Johnson Representative of Private Sector STEM Boomerang
5 Kathleen Sena, Operations Research Analyst Proxy for Secretary New Mexico Higher Education Department
6 Vacant Representative of Organized Labor

wdt_ID Appointee Position Agency/Location
1 Secretary Alicia J. Keyes Chair NM Economic Development Department
2 Secretary Michael Sandoval Director NM Department of Transportation
3 Lt. Governor Howie Morales Ex-Officio State of New Mexico
4 Paul Kienzie Director Albuquerque
5 John Jay Spivey Director Deming
6 Joseph Dworak Legal Santa Fe
7 Bill Connor Director Mesilla Park
8 Reese Carson Director Las Cruces
9 James Robinson Director Santa Teresa

wdt_ID Appointees Organization Region Role
1 Senator Clemente Sanchez Bank of New Mexico Region 1 Econ Dev
2 Pat Vincent-Collawn, President & CEO PNM Resources Region 3 Business
3 Missi Currier, President & CEO ED Corp. of Lea County Region 6 Econ Dev
4 Joe DeGregorio, President California Supermarket Region 1 Business
5 Pat Vanderpool, Executive Director Greater Tucumcari Economic Development Corp. Region 4 Econ Dev
6 John Heaton Carlsbad Region 6 Business
7 Dawn Boulware, Chief Administrative Officer Taos Ski Valley Region 2 Business
8 Cari Lemon, Director Grant County Community Health Council Region 5 Business
9 Davin Lopez, President & CEO Mesilla Valley Economic Development Alliance Region 7 Econ Dev
10 Julia Wise, NM Small Business Assistance Program Los Alamos National Laboratory Region 2 Business