Boards and Commissions

wdt_ID Appointee Type of Appointment
1 Ms. Skye Devore Speaker of the House
2 Ms. Merilee Dannemann Speaker of the House
3 Mr. Joseph L. Sanchez Governor
4 Ms. Gail Y. Tarson Governor
5 Ms. Linda Renee Dodge-Micelli Governor
6 Ms. Arianna Parsons Pro Tempore of the Senate
7 Ms. Jacquelena McHorse Pro Tempore of the Senate

Sustainable Economy Task Force (SETF)

wdt_ID Appointee Agency
1 Michael Chacon Indian Affairs Dept.
2 Stephanie Clarke Higher Education Dept.
3 Leo Delgado Dept. of Finance Administration
4 Robert E. Doucette, Jr General Services Dept.
5 Raquel Gomez Dept. of Workforce Solutions
6 Breezy Gutierrez Public Education Dept.
7 Sydney Lienemann Environment Dept.
8 Anna Linden Weller Energy, Minerals and Natural Resources Dept.
9 Kayla Lucero-Matteucci Economic Development Dept.
10 Sarita Nair Dept. of Workforce Solutions
11 James Povijua Sustainable Economy Advisory Council Chair
12 Lucinda Sydow Taxation and Revenue Dept.
13 Patricia Trujillo Higher Education Dept.
14 Steve Vierck State Land Office
15 Charles Wollmann State Investment Council

Advisory Board to the Sustainable Economy Task Force

wdt_ID Appointee Organization Position on Board
1 Mark Roper, ED Division Director NM Economic Development Department, Board Chair
2 Marc Duske, College and Career Readiness Public Education Department Proxy for Secretary
3 Marcos Martinez, Deputy Cabinet Secretary Department of Workforce Solutions Deputy Secretary
4 Monica Sandoval-Johnson STEM Boomerang Representative of Private Sector
5 Kathleen Sena, Operations Research Analyst New Mexico Higher Education Department Proxy for Secretary

wdt_ID Appointee Position Agency/Location
1 Vacant Chair
2 Secretary Michael Sandoval Director NM Department of Transportation
3 Lt. Governor Howie Morales Ex-Officio State of New Mexico
4 Paul Kienzie Director Albuquerque
5 John Jay Spivey Director Deming
6 Joseph Dworak Legal Santa Fe
7 Bill Connor Director Mesilla Park
8 Reese Carson Director Las Cruces
9 James Robinson Director Santa Teresa

wdt_ID Appointees Organization Region Role
1 Senator Clemente Sanchez Bank of New Mexico Region 1 Econ Dev
2 Pat Vincent-Collawn, President & CEO PNM Resources Region 3 Business
3 Missi Currier, President & CEO ED Corp. of Lea County Region 6 Econ Dev
4 Joe DeGregorio, President California Supermarket Region 1 Business
5 Pat Vanderpool, Executive Director Greater Tucumcari Economic Development Corp. Region 4 Econ Dev
6 John Heaton Carlsbad Region 6 Business
7 Dawn Boulware, Chief Administrative Officer Taos Ski Valley Region 2 Business
8 Cari Lemon, Director Grant County Community Health Council Region 5 Business
9 Davin Lopez, President & CEO Mesilla Valley Economic Development Alliance Region 7 Econ Dev
10 Julia Wise, NM Small Business Assistance Program Los Alamos National Laboratory Region 2 Business
11 Cassie Arias, Executive Director City of Deming Region 5 Econ Dev
12 Debbie Johnson, Director of Economic Development & Entrepreneurship CNM Region 3 Econ Dev
14 Melinda Allen, President & CEO New Mexico Partnership Statewide