Office of Strategy, Science & Technology

The Office of Strategy, Science and Technology (OSST) was created to connect New Mexico’s innovation infrastructure to the commercial market. OSST strives to lead and execute programs that encourage and enable the startup, growth, and relocation of technology-based industries in and to New Mexico by focusing on growing and diversifying existing technology companies, rapidly commercializing technologies, and promoting research and development in emerging technologies.

New Mexico is home to three national research laboratories, three research universities, business incubators with technology expertise, a business and research and development friendly tax climate, and multiple funds dedicated to investment in science and technology companies–New Mexico is a rich environment to grow any science and technology business.

The Office of Strategy, Science and Technology is focused on the following activities and programs.


The Technology Research Collaborative (TRC): This Office facilitates the activities of the TRC. The purpose of the TRC is to

  1. establish advanced technology centers based on the wealth of scientific and technical talent that exists in the member institutions;
  2. develop and create new intellectual property for the state, encourage new opportunities for business and increase jobs;
  3. commercialize the intellectual property that is created;
  4. create a workforce to support enterprises based on the intellectual property that is created.

Defense Industry Diversification: The OSST provides assistance to communities, businesses, and workers that may be affected by volatility in Department of Defense spending. This program is available to New Mexico’s federal contractors and the economic and workforce development assets that serve them.


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