Our Team

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Toll Free 800-374-3061 | Main Number 505-827-0300
Office of the Secretary

Mark Roper Acting Cabinet Secretary 575-562-0327
Jesika Ulibarri General Counsel 505-795-3728
Bruce Krasnow Public Information Officer 505-795-0119
Shani Harvie Justice, Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion (JEDI) Coordinator 505-699-2809
Rita Veleta Justice, Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion (JEDI) Coordinator 505-795-3186
Erin Ortigoza Food & Hunger Agricultural Specialist 505-819-8914
Kayla Matteucci Economic Transition Representative 505-487-6642
Elizabeth Davis Research Specialist 505-795-0727
Lauren Longworth Public Relations/Marketing Specialist 505-470-7786
Joel Salas Economist 505-490-7962

Economic Development Division

Mark Roper Division Director 575-562-0327
Sara Gutierrez Deputy Division Director 505-231-4224
Channing Hofman FUNDIT Coordinator 505-479-2071
Eric Ghahate Resiliency Coordinator 505-372-8811
Sarah Muñoz Office Manager 505-469-1987
Danielle Maestas Exec Sec-Admin Asst 505-469-4558
Rachael Baca Exec Sec-Admin Asst 505-469-9306

Job Training Incentive Program (JTIP)

Patrick  Gannon JTIP Program Manager  505-470-3572
Jennifer Prada JTIP Program Administrator 505-470-8361
Avelina Borrego JTIP Marketing Coordinator 505-467-9655

Community, Business, and Rural Development Team (Regional Reps)

Jennifer Myers Team Leader 505-660-5371
Lorraine Ruggles Region 1: Northwest 505-490-7662
Keegan Mackenzie-Chavez Region 1: Northwest 505-699-4966
Peter Mitchell Region 2: North Central 505-570-7796
Paige Ryan Region 2: North Central 505-412-5036
Yuriria Morales Region 3: Central 505-479-2308
Beth Waldrip Region 3: Central 505-470-4339
Tim Hagaman Region 4: Northeast 505-862-2322
Louise Marquez LEDA Specialist and Region 5: Southwest 575-430-1232
Julia Brown Region 5: Southwest 575-419-0499
Jim Lucero Region 6: Southeast 575-749-5336
Kevin Wilson Region 6: Southeast 575-416-7709
To view a map with regions, visit the CBRD page.

New Mexico Film Office (NMFO)

Amber Dodson Division Director 505-490-1330
Carrie Wells Deputy Division Director 505-819-8949
Rochelle Bussey Senior Program Manager 505-629-2426
Dolores Martinez Marketing and Public Relations Manager 505-477-1247
Santana Garcia Film Tax Credit Program Coordinator 505-479-2492
Joann Wylie Program Coordinator 505-476-5600
Shane Shariff Economist 505-490-1537
Vangie Campos Executive Secretary/Administrative Assistant 505-500-9036

Office of Strategy, Science, & Technology (OSST)

Nora Meyers Sackett Director 505-795-3966

New Mexico MainStreet (NMMS)

Daniel Gutierrez Mainstreet Director 505-629-5270
Lucas Pedraza Mainstreet Project Coordinator 505-412-3963
Jessica Mraz Communications/Media Specialist 505-365-3998

Human Resources

Peter Hulsey Human Resources Manager 505-795-3520
Julie Dolan Human Resource Generalist 505-469-3185

Administrative Services Division

Ivie Vigil CFO/ASD Director 505-670-3663
Chris Romero Financial Coordinator 505-470-0604
Cassandra Romero Business Operations Specialist  505-394-0005
Sam Collins Financial Programs Manager 505-690-0394
Kelly Byrne Budget Analyst 505-470-4332
Vandora Montoya Budget Analyst 505-538-5125
Tamara Valencia Account Auditor 505-531-7641

Information Technology

James Romero IT Technology Officer  505-695-8440
Alex Ochoa IT End User Support 505-670-7842

New Mexico Border Authority - Administratively Attached

Main Phone     575-589-6501
Julio Jimenez Deputy Director 575-589-6501 x117
Laura Chaparro Commissions 575-589-6501 x114
David Espinoza Budget Analyst 575-589-6501 x123

New Mexico Spaceport Authority - Administratively Attached

Scott McLaughlin Executive Director  575-267-8530
Rani Bush Director of Business Operations 575-267-8524
Francisco Pallares Director of Business Development 575-267-8522
Marisela Cortez Administrative Assistant 575-267-8511
Melissa Force General Counsel 575-267-8558
Sunderjeet Kaur Attorney 575-267-8559
Allan Turk Director of Aerospace Operations 575-267-8585
Charles Hurley Public Information Officer 575-267-8528
Joachim Lohn-Jaramillo Aerospace Engineer 575-267-8525
Felicity Nevarez Sales Agent 575-267-8529
Art Trujillo Chief Financial Officer 575-267-8510
Belinda Benavidez Chief Procurement Officer 575-267-8517
Becky Dean Corporate Finance Officer 575-267-8526
Sandra Franco Accountant 575-267-8518
Chris Lopez Director Site Operations 575-267-8861
Jay Johnson Facilities Operations Manager 575-267-8520
Frank Domiguez Maintenance Technician 575-267-8519
Jamie Vasquez Maintenance Technician 575-267-8523
Myron Davis Maintenance Technician 575-267-8521
Gabriel Salas Facilities Technician 575-267-8527
Scott Sponseller IT Technology Officer 575-267-8545
Chris Markham Systems Administrator 575-267-8455
Spaceport Assistance 575-267-8550

New Mexico Office of Military Base Planning - Administratively Attached

Rich Glover Director 505-469-4341

New Mexico Partnership - Partner Organization

Melinda Allen President & CEO 505-377-4123
Doreen Avila Executive Assistant 505-977-0513
Paul Dahlgren Marketing Director 505-452-7143
Anthony Aldaz Economic Development Associate 505-389-5033
Justyn Bellitto Economic Development Associate 505-252-0030
Jerry Pacheco Senior Business Consultant (Santa Teresa Area) 915-491-5910