Our Team

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Toll Free 800-374-3061 | Main Number 505-827-0300
Office of the Secretary

Mark Roper Acting Cabinet Secretary 575-562-0327
Krystal Speedy Executive Secretary/Admin Asst. 505-500-9589
Jesika Ulibarri General Counsel 505-795-3728
Bruce Krasnow Public Information Officer 505-795-0119
Shani Harvie Justice, Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion (JEDI) Coordinator 505-699-2809
Rita Veleta Justice, Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion (JEDI) Coordinator 505-795-3186
Erin Ortigoza Food & Hunger Agricultural Specialist 505-819-8914
Kayla Matteucci Economic Transition Representative 505-487-6642
Elizabeth Davis Research Specialist 505-795-0727
Lauren Longworth Public Relations/Marketing Specialist 505-470-7786
Joel Salas Economist 505-490-7962
Daye Kwon Economist 505-946-7291

Economic Development Division

Mark Roper Division Director 575-562-0327
Sara Gutierrez Deputy Division Director 505-231-4224
Channing Hofman FUNDIT Coordinator 505-479-2071
Eric Ghahate Resiliency Coordinator 505-372-8811
Sarah Muñoz Office Manager 505-469-1987
Rachael Baca Exec Sec-Admin Asst 505-469-9306

Job Training Incentive Program (JTIP)

Patrick  Gannon JTIP Manager  505-470-3572
Jennifer Prada JTIP Administrator 505-470-8361
Avelina Borrego JTIP Marketing Coordinator 505-467-9655
Lynette King JTIP Fiscal Administrator 505-795-5872

Community, Business, and Rural Development Team (Regional Reps)

Jennifer Myers Team Leader 505-660-5371
Lorraine Ruggles Region 1: Northwest 505-490-7662
Keegan Mackenzie-Chavez Region 1: Northwest 505-699-4966
Peter Mitchell Region 2: North Central 505-570-7796
Paige Ryan Region 2: North Central 505-412-5036
Yuriria Morales Region 3: Central 505-479-2308
Beth Waldrip Region 3: Central 505-470-4339
Tim Hagaman Region 4: Northeast 505-862-2322
Louise Marquez LEDA Specialist and Region 5: Southwest 575-430-1232
Julia Brown Region 5: Southwest 575-419-0499
Jim Lucero Region 6: Southeast 575-749-5336
Kevin Wilson Region 6: Southeast 575-416-7709
To view a map with regions, visit the CBRD page.

New Mexico Film Office (NMFO)

Amber Dodson Division Director 505-490-1330
Carrie Wells Deputy Division Director 505-819-8949
Rochelle Bussey Senior Program Manager 505-629-2426
Dolores Martinez Marketing and Public Relations Manager 505-477-1247
Santana Garcia Film Tax Credit Program Coordinator 505-479-2492
Joann Wylie Program Coordinator 505-476-5600
Shane Shariff Economist 505-490-1537
Vangie Campos Executive Secretary/Administrative Assistant 505-500-9036

Office of Strategy, Science, & Technology (OSST)

Nora Meyers Sackett Director 505-795-3966
Michael Prossnitz Program Coordinator 505-490-7419
Christian Slough Entrepreneurship Coordinator 505-670-9685

New Mexico MainStreet (NMMS)

Daniel Gutierrez Mainstreet Director 505-629-5270
Lucas Pedraza Mainstreet Project Coordinator 505-412-3963
Danielle Maestas Contracts and Grants Coordinator 505-469-4558
Jessica Mraz Communications Specialist 505-365-3998

Human Resources

Peter Hulsey Human Resources Manager 505-795-3520
Julie Dolan Human Resource Generalist 505-469-3185

Administrative Services Division

Ivie Vigil CFO/ASD Director 505-670-3663
Chris Romero Financial Coordinator 505-470-0604
Cassandra Romero Business Operations Specialist  505-394-0005
Sam Collins Financial Programs Manager 505-690-0394
Kelly Byrne Budget Analyst 505-470-4332
Vandora Montoya Budget Analyst 505-538-5125
Tamara Valencia Account Auditor 505-531-7641

Information Technology

James Romero IT Technology Officer  505-695-8440
Alex Ochoa IT End User Support 505-670-7842

New Mexico Spaceport Authority - Administratively Attached

Spaceport Assistance 575-267-8550
Scott McLaughlin Executive Director  575-267-8530
Rani Bush Director of Business Operations 575-267-8524
Francisco Pallares Director of Business Development 575-267-8522
Marisela Cortez Administrative Assistant 575-267-8511
Melissa Force General Counsel 575-267-8558
Sunderjeet Kaur Attorney 575-267-8559
Allan Turk Director of Aerospace Operations 575-267-8585
Charles Hurley Public Information Officer 575-267-8528
Joachim Lohn-Jaramillo Aerospace Engineer 575-267-8525
Felicity Nevarez Sales Agent 575-267-8529
Art Trujillo Chief Financial Officer 575-267-8510
Belinda Benavidez Chief Procurement Officer 575-267-8517
Becky Dean Corporate Finance Officer 575-267-8526
Sandra Franco Accountant 575-267-8518
Chris Lopez Director Site Operations 575-267-8861
Jay Johnson Facilities Operations Manager 575-267-8520
Frank Domiguez Maintenance Technician 575-267-8519
Myron Davis Maintenance Technician 575-267-8521
Gabriel Salas Facilities Technician 575-267-8527
Scott Sponseller IT Technology Officer 575-267-8545
Chris Markham Systems Administrator 575-267-8455
Jim Henry Airfield & Airspace Operations Specialist
Rod McGillivray Construction Project Manager
Fred Moreno Construction Project Manager
Maja Perez Protective Services Manager
Cilicia Villegas Aerospace Business Development Coordinator

New Mexico Office of Military Base Planning - Administratively Attached

Rich Glover Director 505-469-4341

New Mexico Partnership - Partner Organization

Melinda Allen President & CEO 505-377-4123
Doreen Avila Executive Assistant 505-977-0513
Paul Dahlgren Marketing Director 505-452-7143
Anthony Aldaz Economic Development Associate 505-389-5033
Justyn Bellitto Economic Development Associate 505-252-0030
Jerry Pacheco Senior Business Consultant (Santa Teresa Area) 915-491-5910