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All applicants for State of New Mexico jobs must apply through the New Mexico State Personnel Office, unless stated otherwise. Search the site using the job ID # listed below. We cannot accept applications or resumes directly sent to our office.

Questions? Contact EDD’s Human Resources Manager Peter Hulsey at or call 505-827-0246

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Office Manager (Santa Fe)

Job ID 133984

$21.13 – $33.81 Hourly; $43,954 – $70,326 Annually

This position is a Pay Band 65

Apply by May 22, 2023

The Economic Division Office Manager serves as a liaison between management and employees, working closely with the Division and Deputy Directors, as well as the Division Executive Assistant, to ensure that processes are in place and running efficiently. Key areas of responsibility include:

  1. Budget tracking and analysis
  2. Serving as the EDD designated Fleet Coordinator through GSD Transportation Services
  3. New employee recruitment, transition, orientation, support
  4. Support for Community, Business and Rural Development team who work remotely throughout the state
  5. Provide support to Deputy Division Director and contract managers for the Division’s various contracts and grant agreements
  6. Assist Deputy and Division Director with management of Salesforce customer relations management system


Visit the State Personnel Office website for more details, qualifications and to apply.

Director of Aerospace Operations (Spaceport Authority - Las Cruces)

Job ID 133992

$36.04 – $57.66 Hourly; $74,962 – $119,939 Annually

This position is a Pay Band 90

Apply by May 31, 2023

The position is responsible for the overall direction and management of the aerospace operations of the New Mexico Spaceport Authority, from concept development through program implementation. This includes all activities required for safe operations of spaceport users and their vehicles, studies, research on activities, and support of environmental protection activities.

Visit the State Personnel Office website for more details, qualifications and to apply.

Office of Strategy, Science, and Technology (OSST) Program Coordinator

Job ID 134036

$30.08 – $48.12 Hourly; $62,558 – $100,093 Annually

This position is a Pay Band 80

Apply by June 1, 2023

This position is responsible for leading and implementing the necessary programs and activities required to meet EDD’s strategic, science and technology initiatives. Facilitate, enable, and encourage start-up, relocation, development, innovation, technology transfer, and growth of technology-based industries leading to job creation across all the industry sectors in the state. The OSST Program Coordinator will work directly with the OSST Director, and be the focal point for leveraging the state’s technological strength, determining the state’s commercial advantage, and collaborating to secure a vibrant technology based industry network.

Visit the State Personnel Office website for more details, qualifications and to apply.