It’s Different Here.

Smart incentives, strategic location, and calm weather year round are just a few of the reasons innovators Choose New Mexico.

The New Mexico Difference

Stay Longer

With an affordable cost of living, an enviable climate and a unique sense of place, New Mexico offers a place your employees will love and want to stay.

Go Further

With a competitive business climate that rewards organizations that think differently and dream big, your business can go further here.

Do More

With a long history of innovation and the infrastructure to support tech and advanced manufacturing industries (including 3 national research labs and 3 research universities), we’re pioneers for the future.

Since you’ve made it this far, here are a few
more reasons people love New Mexico…

Natural Beauty

Temperate climate year round means fewer adverse weather events (hey, there’s a reason Facebook, Fidelity, and Amazon all chose NM) but there’s another bonus…

Residents have access to all four seasons and enjoy a number of outdoor activities in the sunny climate and varied landscapes. Snow and water skiing, ice fishing, fly fishing, hiking, mountain biking, and camping under the moonlight in the national forests are all part of daily life in New Mexico.

Inclusive, Creative,
and Innovative
Business Environment

As one of only six majority-minority states (a U.S. state or jurisdiction whose population is composed of less than 50% non-Hispanic whites) and one of the highest percentages of women-owned businesses in the nation, New Mexico prides itself on an inclusive environment where creativity, innovation, and disruption are welcomed.

A few examples: local breweries working with national labs to refine their chemistry processes, higher ed institutions that spin off novel research into the private sector at a rapid rate, and major film studios that collaborate with local businesses in food & beverages, art, music, and more.

New Mexico contains more intersections of history and cultural diversity than nearly any place on earth, including 22 Native American tribes, nations, and pueblos, and a Spanish presence since the 1500s.

These intersections result in a strong culture that shows up in every aspect of the state from food and fiestas to architecture and art.