SBIR Awardees


EnviTrace LLC (Santa Fe) develops cutting-edge artificial intelligence and machine
learning methods and tools to analyze various types of environmental data. Their cloud-based software, GeoTGo, is designed to assist communities in developing and utilizing
their geothermal energy resources. Grant amount: $25,000.

ErgoTech (Los Alamos) develops and sells software for manufacturing and factory
automation with a focus on data collection, unified data access/data lakes for machine
learning and artificial intelligence (ML/AI) applications. Grant amount: $25,000.
MNT Smart Solutions (Albuquerque) has created a remotely controlled, active particle
toothpaste and magnetic toothbrush combination product to revolutionize oral care by targeting plaque in hard to reach places while giving users a beautiful, stain-free smile. Grant amount: $25,000.

Integrated Deposit Solutions (IDS) (Albuquerque) is a high-technology small
business focused on developing unique aerosol printing technology for the printed
electronics industry. The very high transmission efficiency of IDS’ core aerosol technology makes it ideally suited for continuous, long-term atmospheric sampling on Venus and other planets as well enhancing the performance of commercial instruments here on Earth. Grant amount: $100,000.

NeuroGeneces (Santa Fe) applies cutting edge neuroscience, sleep expertise and AI to
provide brain health assessments and insights to enhance cognitive health span. Grant amount: $100,000.


Actoprobe, LLC (Albuquerque), Alexander Ukhanov PhD, $100,000. Actoprobe designs, manufactures, and sells custom optical Spectroscopy/Microscopy Instruments and AFM Probes for conventional AFM to do single molecular spectroscopy of biomedical specimens and compound semiconductor material & devices. Actoprobe is currently developing a needle laser for nano-spectroscopy for fast and accurate virus and DNA identification. With their patented needle laser, customers can do chemical analysis with atomic precision and manipulate live viruses in air or liquid at normal conditions.


Backyard Farms LLC (Las Cruces), Rachael Ryan, Owner, $25,000. Backyard Farms seeks to improve the food system in the Borderland Region, empowering small fruit and vegetable farmers by using lyophilization (freeze drying) to create a nutritious and delicious healthy food product that can reach vulnerable food insecure populations without the need for refrigeration.


Emerging Technology Ventures, Inc. (Alamogordo), Eugene Hudson, CEO, $25,000. Emerging Technology Ventures (ETV) develops autonomous air and ground systems with integrated sensing/inspection and artificial intelligence driven predictive analytics for complex environments, such as agriculture, aerospace, renewable energy, critical infrastructure, defense, and public safety. The technology is delivered through KeenAI, ETV’s core technology, which provides end-to-end autonomous workflow services to autonomously sense, understand, decide, and act to provide critical, near real-time intelligence to respond quickly to issues affecting operations.


Just Health Care LLC (Albuquerque), Andru Zeller, MD, $25,000. Just Health Care has created PainScan, a program aimed at making pain visible in order to provide clarity and actionable steps for patients and doctors. It modernizes pain assessment by replacing the 1-10 scale with a personalized 3D image of the patient’s pain. PainScan is an augmented physical exam blending computer vision, a pressure sensitive physician glove, and technology for patients to share their information about their pain. PainScan lets doctors “see” how their patients “feel.”


NeuroGeneces, Inc. (Santa Fe), Karen Crow Co-Founder and CEO, $25,000. NeuroGeneces is a woman-led startup developing a wearable device that is an audio “pacemaker” for the brain. It uses sounds to stimulate memory and other restorative functions while you sleep. The device is the first fitness tracker for the brain, measuring overall brain health and enhancing memory.”


UbiQD is an advanced materials company powering product innovations in agriculture, clean energy, and security. Their novel quantum dots enable industry leaders to harness the power of light. Developed during phase I of the grant, their first product, UbiGro®, is a layer of light that uses fluorescence to create a more optimal greenhouse spectrum for crops. In other words, it’s a glowing film that sits above plants and enables them to get more out of the sun. NASA is interested in using this technology to enhance crop production on long-duration space missions or on a mars or lunar base.


Mesa Photonics has created a ground-based remote sensor for measuring variations in humidity from the ground up to altitudes as high as 50,000 feet, used to improve weather forecasting and for better understanding climate. Mesa Photonics sensors can be set up anywhere. Humidity is measured using laser technology to observe extremely small changes in sunlight intensity. The laser light is fully contained within the sensor and, therefore, is completely safe.


BennuBio has created their first product, Velocyt, a flow cytometer that can analyze particles the size of a small BB, which is a near perfect starting point to create a High-Throughput Screening (HTS) platform that uses multicellular models (balls of many cells called ‘spheroids’ that can be 1 mm in diameter) for drug discovery. This enables the drug researchers to look at far more complex issues such as how drugs transport in tissues, how they affect cell to cell interactions, and many more complex interactions that only occur in tissues.