Business Finance Finder
Where businesses and finance opportunities connect

The New Mexico Business Finance Finder connects businesses with finance opportunities other resources in two ways:

1. Online Business Finance Finder

Connect to lenders and business resources online:

Small businesses or aspiring entrepreneurs can submit their finance needs and projects to an online portal. If interested, lenders or other business resources will follow up. Business owners are also able to search for relevant financial organizations.

2. Regional Business Finance Fairs

  • Connect to lenders and business resources through virtual finance fairs:

Business Finance Fairs are hosted by EDD quarterly, each covering a specific region in the state. These fairs bring together local finance organizations who offer loans, grants, equity programs, and financial technical assistance. The public hears directly from organization representatives and they are able to discuss their business project or financing need.

View the slides and recorded events from the most recent Business Finance Fair:

  • Northwestern N.M. (Oct. 2021): recording | slides
  • Southeastern N.M. (June 2021): recording | slides
  • Southwestern N.M. (Dec. 2020): recording | slides
  • Central N.M. (Jan. 2020): recording | slides

Have questions or need assistance connecting to resources in your region?