Rich in resources—
natural and super-natural.


Competitive incentives and tax policy, strategic location, a world class workforce, and tremendous natural beauty year round are only a few of the reasons that make New Mexico the place to be.

Our Netflix Production Hub is located in New Mexico. This allows us to be more nimble in executing our production plans while cementing the status of the region as one of the leading production centers in North America,

Netflix co-CEO Ted Sarandos

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John Doe

1. New Mexico’s Temperate Climate

When you’re running a business there’s nothing more important than consistency. Minimized risks, delays, and operational slow downs caused by weather events is one of the many reasons New Mexico is home to companies like Facebook, Fidelity, and Amazon.

Bonus: residents have access to all four seasons and enjoy a number of outdoor activities in the sunny climate and varied landscapes. Snow and water skiing, ice fishing, fly fishing, hiking, mountain biking, and camping under the moonlight in the nation al forests are all part of daily life in New Mexico.

2. Location, Location, Location

Strategically located in the heart of the fastest growing region of the US, New Mexico is supported by three interstate freeways, a vast railway system, and a number of regional and international airports. It’s possible to reach Texas, Arizona, Colorado, Kansas, Oklahoma and Utah within one day’s trucking, and California markets in two days. Distribution companies, manufacturers, and other business are well-positioned to serve both East and West Coast clients.

3. Logistics, Border Access & Trade with Mexico

Access to the nation’s fastest growing markets via excellent transportation infrastructure and the state’s location in the heart of the Southwest has made the logistics industry one of the fastest growing in the state. The Borderplex offers a unique combination of logistics assets on the Mexican border at the Santa Teresa-San Jeronimo Port of Entry, including a 12 mile overweight cargo zone. Union Pacific opened a $400 million intermodal terminal on its Sunset Route in 2014.

4. New Mexico’s World-Class Workforce

Higher education is a priority in New Mexico. The state is home to three major research universities, four comprehensive four-year institutions, seven independent community colleges, three cooperative education sites and many specialized learning facilities, totaling 50 locations statewide.

5. Smart and Forward Thinking Tax Policy

What do you get when you combine a gross receipts tax exemption for raw materials used in manufacturing incl. electricity and natural gas, property tax rates that are among the lowest in the nation, plus corporate and individual income tax rates that compare favorably to all 50 states?

It all leads to a welcoming and competitive business landscape.


6. Inclusive and Creative Business Environment

As one of only six majority-minority states and a state with one of the highest percentages of women-owned businesses in the nation, New Mexico prides itself on an inclusive environment where creativity, innovation, and disruption are welcomed.

A few examples: local breweries working with national labs to refine their chemistry processes, higher ed institutions that spin off novel research into the private sector at a rapid rate, and major film studios that collaborate with local businesses in food & beverages, art, music, and more.

7. Incentives That Reduce The Cost Of Growing Your Business

The state’s Job Training Incentive Program (JTIP) is one of the most generous programs in the nation, reimbursing 50 – 75% of wages for up to 6 months for newly created jobs at expanding or relocating businesses. For expanding and relocating businesses, LEDA, or the Local Economic Development Act, is New Mexico’s deal closing fund, providing the building and infrastructure your company needs in its ideal new location.

8. New Mexico’s Culture of Innovation

3 national laboratories, 3 renowned research universities, dozens of nonprofit research institutions, and of course the nation’s leading spaceport all collide with new entrepreneurs and large companies alike to create a place where “what if we…” is not only a welcome question, it’s one that’s led to innovations and value creation in industries like aerospace, renewable energy, cybersecurity, biosciences, and more.