Technology Commercialization

The presence of three national laboratories, three research universities, state-supported programs, and incentives for technology-based businesses in New Mexico has created a nurturing environment for technology commercialization in the state. Technology can be licensed from The Airforce Research Laboratory, Sandia and Los Alamos National Laboratories as well as from the University of New Mexico, New Mexico State University, and New Mexico Tech through their corresponding technology transfer offices which are described below.

New Mexico’s technological strengths include:

Programs that support development of technology are available in the state. These programs provide entrepreneurs the expertise of laboratory researchers and scientists,access to capital, and facilities. Available programs also offer quality control and manufacturing assistance. Finally, state tax credits have been established to promote the use of New Mexico’s technology resources by incentivizing in-state R&D activities and investment. 

Resources for Technology-Based Businesses

Technology business owners will find valuable resources and programs available in New Mexico.  EDD’s Office of Science & Technology helps tech companies find the resources they need to achieve success, including funding programs that support the cost of commercialization, provide matching funds for SBIR recipients and Business Start-Up Grants up to $10,000.