NM Collateral Assistance Program (CAP)

In order to support business growth in New Mexico and to create and retain jobs, NM EDD encourages banks and other financial institutions to make loans to small businesses in “under-served” markets. NM EDD can pledge cash to cover a collateral shortfall of a loan in order to enable financing that otherwise might not be available to a small business.

Who Qualifies?

Eligible borrowers must meet these criteria:

Eligible Uses of the Loan Proceeds:

Loan proceeds can be used toward the following:

How it Works:

PROGRAM DOCUMENTS:    CAP Guide               CAP Overview                CAP Timeline

To learn more, please contact 505.827.0264 or email

Enrolled Banks:

Following is a list of actively enrolled lending institutions in the Collateral Assistance Program.  The Program is not limited to these institutions, NMEDD is actively enrolling lenders and will update this list as more lenders are enrolled.

Lender Enrollment:

To enroll in the program as a lender, please fill out and submit the following documents to or call: 505.469.6204

Loan Enrollment:

On a per project basis the following application will need to be filled out between lender and borrower and submitted. Please note: applications must be submitted by the lender.