Urban Neighborhood Commercial Corridor Initiative

New Mexico MainStreet Accepting Applications for New Community Economic Development Projects
Frontier & Native American Communities and Urban Neighborhood Commercial Corridors
Apply by June 16, 2021

The Urban Neighborhood Commercial Corridor Initiative is a new pilot program of the New Mexico Economic Development Department’s MainStreet program aimed at providing project-based community economic development support to urban neighborhood commercial corridors located in cities over 50,000 in population that may currently not have the capacity or resources to start or operate a full-fledged MainStreet Program.

Through a competitive application process, rural community stakeholders in partnership with their local governing body identify an economic development project within a town center, village plaza, courthouse square, or historic/traditional commercial corridor they want to implement with support from NMMS.

Proposed projects must demonstrate job creation, business development, leverage private sector investment, or enhancement of a community’s economic environment.

Selected communities receive professional services and technical assistance from New Mexico MainStreet to implement and complete the proposed project within a 12 to 18-month timeframe.

The number of communities designated each year is contingent upon the New Mexico State Legislature’s annual appropriation for the New Mexico MainStreet Program.

Services and resources provided to the applicant community by NMMS and our Revitalization Specialists will be tied to the Main Street Four-Point Approach® (Economic Vitality, Promotion, Organization, and Design) and the following NMMS’s Economic Transformation Strategies:

New Mexico MainStreet will provide free professional services to selected communities but please note that these initiatives are not a grant program, and direct funding for selected projects is not necessarily part of the services or resources provided.

NMMS will work with funding partners to identify potential resources or small seed grants, however, the local community is expected to either have in-hand or identify local financial resources to complete the proposed project.

Applicant communities accepted into the project-based initiatives are not considered a State Designated MainStreet Program but receive temporary status within the NMMS Network over a 12 to 18-month time frame while they develop and complete their project.

Some participant communities, however, have used the initiative to build local capacity, develop a track record, and prepare their community to seek State MainStreet District/Program designation.


Eligible Projects

The focus of New Mexico MainStreet’s project-based initiative programs are to develop and implement catalytic projects considered to have substantial economic impact. As such, applicant communities should select their proposed project based on its contribution to the local economy and to a sound and proper balance between preservation and development. The community’s choice of a catalytic project has significance not only for the potential redevelopment of the selected project but can have a positive spill-over effect, stimulating interest and action for additional projects. Revitalization is an ongoing, incremental community effort.

The following comprehensive list of potential projects qualify for this initiative.

For more information, contact Daniel Gutierrez at (505) 827-0151 or Lucas Pedraza at (505) 827-0168.