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About the NMDEC

The NMDEC is a statewide initiative to assist New Mexico communities, businesses, workers, and contractors that are integral to the entrepreneurial, innovation, and defense community in New Mexico. This portal provides a map of New Mexico’s innovation and defense related ecosystem and presents the asset and supply chain network for suppliers to connect with assets around the state, collaborate, or partner with other suppliers in a new business.

Who are the Assets?

Support Organizations

Assist businesses in growing and diversifying their revenue streams and customer base. These types of organizations include education and training of the workforce, research, and access-to-capital organizations, to name a few.

Who are the Suppliers

Businesses, Prime Contractors, and Subcontractors

Provide components, products, systems, research and development, raw materials, and/or other goods and services to companies in the value chain.

New Mexico’s Innovation Ecosystem

New Mexico’s Entrepreneurial, Innovation, and Defense Ecosystem is comprised of four military installations, three national laboratories, three research universities, and a large private sector.  Despite its size, the industry has faced budget reductions and cancellations that negatively impact businesses and workers. That’s where NMDEC comes in: via the asset and supply chain map, stakeholders like you can see where industry vulnerabilities exist, and through networking with other suppliers and support assets, be part of a new generation of economic vitality.