New Mexico Research University Team Pitch Award Pilot Program

The New Mexico Research University Team Pitch Award Pilot Program is a competitive state-funded grant that awards non-dilutive grant funds and entrepreneurship assistance to science and technology commercialization proposals from faculty/student teams at New Mexico universities. Eligible proposals will be those with potential and intention to result in the formation of a New Mexico-based science or technology company with a near-term plan to bring a unique product or service to market.

Awardees of this pilot program will be expected (and guided with consultation) to form a company upon award selection in order to receive award funds.

Through this award, the New Mexico Economic Development Department seeks to further the commercialization of science and technology-based products or services created at New Mexico universities, assisting innovators to become a New Mexico-based business.

Selected proposals will be awarded between $100,000 and $200,000. Awardees will also receive approximately $50,000 worth of entrepreneurship consultant services.

Proposals in science and technology commercialization with teams comprised of at least one faculty member and one student from New Mexico State University, the New Mexico Institute of Mining and Technology, and/or the University of New Mexico are eligible.

To apply, you will need to submit a five-minute video and preliminary pitch deck of 15 slides or less highlighting the expertise of the applicant team, the uniqueness of the potential service or product, the estimated commercialization timetable, how the commercialization could benefit New Mexico, and projected budget.

Applications closed on March 4, 2024.